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in the midle of the street, 2003

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Humantower done by a Team of Catalan Castellers, jewish, arab and christian kids, as well as adults, on December 2005

It was a great experience; Alvar Solache, Teresa Cristobal, Alex Marin, Jasmine Cadena and myself, were in Jerusalem teaching the Jerusalem circus the art of humantowers during a week, and being able to reach this 3 of 5, while the little kid on top held an olive branch in her hand.

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We went last summer to the Janashtami festival in Mumbai, it was incredible to see about 507 teams building humantowers, they are called Govinda and they folow a tradition from Lord Krishna to break a pot holding from up high, they call it handi.



This Newspaper from Mumbai I am giving a Welcome to the Indian team of Govindas that visited us in Catalunya last november, it was a great experience

Here you can see a tower we did together Catalan Castellers and Indian Govindas in Vilafranca. 18th november 2006


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